Vera Guedes
Vera Guedes Artist

Vera Guedes | Fine Art Prints

Barn Swallow Art Print
Barn Swallow Print

Vera Guedes | Bird Art Prints

animal fine art print
Wolf Print

Vera Guedes | Mammal Art Prints

Vera Guedes
Vera Guedes Artist

Vera Guedes | Fine Art Prints

Barn Swallow Print
Barn Swallow Print

Vera Guedes | Bird Art Prints

animal fine art print
Wolf Print

Vera Guedes | Mammal Art Prints

Portugal Shop

Portugal Shop brings online limited edition fine art prints from original artworks by Vera Guedes. These prints are made and inspired in Portugal and make an excellent choice to give a new life to your home walls.

A person is creating a detailed fine art print of a grey heron using a pen.
Two framed illustrations of fish, one filled with urban images and the other with colorful patterns, hung above a white cabinet.

Lisbon Sardine Prints

Two new art prints are available at Portugal Shop: the Lisbon Tiles Sardine Print and the Lisbon City Sardine Print. Have you ever heard of sardines from Lisbon? Fun proposal that is made to explain Lisbon through sardines.

Print of the month

In Portugal on the 13th of May it is celebrated the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. A special remembrance day for the appearance of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children in the town of Fatima. Therefore, May is known to be the the month of Mary and for this reason we selected Our Lady Love Print as the print of May. Enjoy a 10% discount during May.

A Our Lady Love Print of a woman holding a baby on a shelf.
A living room with a turquoise couch and a coffee table decorated with Print Collection from Portugal Shop.

Print Collection

Select your favourite art prints for your Print Collection from Portugal Shop by choosing the themes and sizes you like. Save 10% when you select two or more prints .

Catalogue of Prints

We welcome your look at the Catalogue of Prints from Portugal Shop. It features a selection of beautiful fine art prints. If you are looking for a Print Collection it will have a 10% discount.

Prints Catalogue

Kingfisher Print

The kingfisher displays vibrant colours 

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the vibrant colours of the kingfisher. A small bird often seen throughout mainland Portugal, especially on the coast and in the southern half.

Red Fox Print

The Red Fox is a fascinating animal

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a fascinating animal, Aesop’s Fables and La Fontaine’s Fables. In these beautiful stories one can recognise how perceptive and seductive this animal is.

Lisbon Print

Lisbon is a city full of charm and history

Lisbon is a city full of charm. capital of Portugal and with so many beautiful monuments that tell of its great history. This print illustrates some of Lisbon most iconic monuments.

Our Lady Love Print

Our Lady Love inspires us to be stronger

Our Lady, mother of Jesus and our mother. A soul full of love that inspires us to be stronger every day.

Explore Art Print Themes

Bird Prints

Bird prints can be a charming and sophisticated addition to home or office decor, offering a sense of nature and tranquility. They could make thoughtful gifts, especially for lovers of Portuguese culture and Portugal.

Mammal Prints

Portugal has diverse ecosystems inspiring unique depictions of native mammals. Artistic prints can add a touch of elegance and personality to your decor, creating points of interest in your space.

Landscape Prints

Portuguese landscapes can complement various interior design themes, from Mediterranean to modern minimalist, adding a stylish and sophisticated touch to home decor.

Christian Prints

Portugal has a rich Christian heritage, with historical ties to Catholicism. This heritage is often reflected in the art and prints produced in the country, which can be appealing for those interested in religious and cultural history.

Latest prints

A card with an illustration of a Lisbon Sardine Print and eucalyptus leaves.
Lisbon City Sardine Print

From 60,00 

A card with a Tiles sardine print and eucalyptus leaves.
Lisbon Tiles Sardine Print

From 60,00 

A painting of a blue nuthatch on a branch with eucalyptus leaves.
Wood Nuthatch colour print