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Payment options

Portugalweb adopted Internet online payments system from Redunicre to ensure the security of your payments. This system uses the 3D Secure protocol which was developed by the main credit card brands and using Secure Sockets Layer
(SSL/TLS) encryption allows an authentication from the merchant, the acquirer, the issuer and the client.

The online credit card payment is subject of the following conditions:

  1. The Client must provide all the data required for that purposed to Portugalweb;
  2. The person who makes the order do not need to be necessarily the card’s holder;
  3. Items will be send to the address from the person who makes the order;
  4. The debit in the card will be done when the order will be shipped.

Note: Portugalweb is not responsible for eventual fraudulent credit card use by unauthorized buyers when paying ordered products.

Alternatively, Portugalweb provides you a bank transfer payment option subject of the following conditions:

  1. bank transfer costs must be paid by the buyer;
  2. if the bank transfer is not concluded within a week a week following the order, then the order will be cancelled;
  3. in order to simplify processing the order please do not forget to include the order’s number in the bank transfer;
  4. following the bank transfer, a copy from the bank transfer receipt shall be send by fax (+351 217585758) or by e-mail (info@portugalweb.com) with the order’s reference.